Access table updating time stamp

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Access table updating time stamp

Either the DBA or the applications developer, or both working jointly, can be responsible for the actual creation of the tables, depending upon the practices for a site.

Working with the application developer, consider the following guidelines when designing tables: Before creating a table, you should also determine whether to use integrity constraints.

Usually, the application developer is responsible for designing the elements of an application, including the tables.

Database administrators are responsible for establishing the attributes of the underlying tablespace that will hold the application tables.

In general, the relative performance improvement of specifying Compression saves disk space, reduces memory use in the database buffer cache, and can significantly speed query execution during reads.

If specified at the tablespace level, then all tables created in that tablespace are compressed by default.

If you do not specify a tablespace in a statement, the table is created in your default tablespace.

When specifying the tablespace to contain a new table, ensure that you understand implications of your selection.

Unlike an ordinary (heap-organized) table, data for an index-organized table is stored in a B-tree index structure in a primary key sorted manner.

Besides storing the primary key column values of an index-organized table row, each index entry in the B-tree stores the nonkey column values as well.

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For partitioned tables, you can optionally identify the tablespace that is to store each partition.

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