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He is the only person to not be afraid of hearing Launch's name.

When Launch shows up in her normal form (everybody only knows her as her bad form), he bought her a drink trying to hit on her.

She seems to have spent the whole time exercising and calls Oolong "Snuckums".

She makes a video game appearance in Dragon Ball: Origins, where she is seen in the same role.

In the battle between Goku and Oolong, while Oolong is the form of a robot, Johnny shoots a slingshot at the back of Oolong's head, which makes him become angry.

Johnny's mom grabs him and runs away saying "Johnny, do you wanna get yourself killed?

However, in both the original Japanese and FUNimation dub versions, he does not mention having a missing daughter, instead asking if Goku has what it takes to beat Oolong.

In the bonus level 2-6 in Dragon Ball: Origins, this man asks Goku and Bulma if they can find a girl from the village, which is Alexi, and return her to the village after she ran away wanting to live in the city.

He is referred by the name "Villager I" in Dragon Ball: Origins. After Johnny shot Oolong with a slingshot, she came out and grabbed him moving him to safety.

She is referred by the name "Villager H" in Dragon Ball: Origins.

Little Flower (Rî, "Lee"; or Becky in the Ocean Group dub) is one of the girls Oolong captured from Aru Village and was released after Goku defeated him.

Sarah's Father is a man who was in the crowd gathering around Sherman Priest's house when Goku and Bulma arrived.

It is implied in the Ocean dub that he is the father of Sarah, since he asks for Goku and Bulma to bring her daughter back, with Alexi's and Little Flower's parents already been shown.

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After she is returned it is said that she learned her lesson and that it is not so bad living in Aru Village.

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