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Retuschera online dating

Recipe of Ink) But if Smith did not photograph these manuscripts, he of course nor had access to the ink recipes.Pantuck then goes on to say “that the handwriting of the four Cephalonia manuscripts itself does not actually appear to be particularly similar to the handwriting of the Clement letter.” This was one thing that immediately struck me when I first heard of Tselikas’ theory long before he published it.Pantuck) I must say that I am amazed at Tselikas’ reaction.This reaction must be due to the fact that Pantuck wonders why Tselikas suggests that Smith would have imitated the handwriting found in those manuscripts, when in fact they are not particularly similar to the handwriting of the ?

1) They are not among those manuscripts that are marked as being photographed in Smith’s publication .TEXTOLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS) In the last leaves of the manuscript 3 are found two recipes and ink manufacturing written by an other contemporary of the scribe hand.(Agamemnon Tselikas, The manuscripts of the Monastery of Themata in Cefalonia).“The first page containing the recipe of the preparation of ink in the manuscript 3 of Themata manuscript” “The second page containing the recipe of the preparation of ink in the manuscript 3 of Themata manuscript” (Anexe 2.That Pantuck was “not taking into account either the textological observations or the facts on the presence of the Ignatius edition in the library of Mar Saba”, does of course not reduce the strength of his criticism founded on facts regarding one or two of Tselikas’ major arguments. You focus on a particular subject and then investigate that subject.As it now turns out, we can be fairly certain that Smith did not have access to photographs of the very manuscripts Tselikas argue form the basis for Smith’s imitation of Greek handwriting and it is also obvious that there is no particular manuscript we know of which has served as a model for imitation.

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Since they are precisely the four manuscripts on which Tselikas himself published in 1982, “Tselikas’ theory of imitation appears to be dictated by the desire to connect the Clement letter to manuscripts that Smith is known to have seen.” To build one’s “opinions of historical possibility” is according to Pantuck not a correct scientific method.

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